Adaptris Deutschland GmbH
Geeren 24
28195 Bremen, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)421 1686 775

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We put our focus on modern and flexible solutions

Businesses need to adapt ever more quickly to the permanently changing market. This also makes corresponding demands on the IT infrastructure, whose challenges we are pleased to accept.

  • We offer our customers a flexible modern technology is based on open standards. This guarantees optimal adaptability and investment protection.
  • We endeavor to establish a trustful collaboration with our customers and their partners, in which everyone can contribute their know-how in order to work together to achieve the best possible solutions.
  • We aim to manage comprehensive solutions that not only puts the focus on one segment of our customerís IT infrastructure, but takes into account the whole company with its own special peculiarities. Here we look at other IT vendors not as competitors but as partners with whom we can work together to find the right solutions for the customer.