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Integration means the electronic realisation of business relations

Integration - or more precise EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) - is a communication platform for linking IT systems, mostly of business applications. Business processes are mapped by exchange of messages on IT-level (BPI - Business Process Integration).

This allows electronic inter-communication with business partners. Messages (such as contracts, purchase orders or confirmations) are processed electronically and automatically taken over into their relating systems (such as inventory management, accounting, ERP systems) or sent from there to the appropriate partner. Thereby connections are made to partners regardless of their systems.

An integration software (EAI system) is an individual portal that automatically handles the exchange of data.
It enables IT-system integration with

  • high flexibility
  • easily extendable
  • simple modification of work flows of business processes and operations.

Why IntegrationWhy Integration
Requirements to integrationRequirements to integration
Integration: User benefitsIntegration: User benefits
Integration: Technical benefitsIntegration: Technical benefits