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Integration: Vorteile für den Anwender

  • Lower costs, less mistakes
    Increased automation reduces costs and errors. Processing times are reduced leading to improvement of co-operation and more flexible processes.
  • More options
    Simple to create connections open up new and flexible usage and functions.
  • Data consistency
    If the same data (e.g. Contract data) is repeatedly manually entered (redundant) then inconsistencies can arise which may result in mistakes during entering.
  • Coupling of heterogeneous software systems
    EAI enables the linking of different applications from different Producers. One is therefore not forced to commit to only a single software producer.

  • Simplified replacement of individual software components
    EAI simplifies the replacement of single software products (e.g. new releases or software from a different manufacturer), since communication is done via a central integration system, and only one interface needs to be adjusted.
  • Integration instead of migration
    EAI allows the continued use and binding of legacy-systems, without costly software re-engineering, reverse engineering or re-implementation.
  • Flexible and agile business processes
    EAI allows modular assembly of business processes and work flows, whilst simplifying changes leading to a better business process optimisation and more efficiency.