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A company can only operate in the market as flexibly as itís IT-Infrastructure allows.

The increased demands on the market require flexible and international action. With it constant partner relationships are replaced by temporary trading partners in order to keep up to the rapid changes of the market.

This also affects the IT-Infrastructure of a company.
One has to adapt to the evolving requirements in order to respond with equal flexibility as the acting company at the market. These requirements especially apply to the area integration.

  • Existing systems must be connected and integrated (internal integration).
  • New partners must be integrated into the IT-Infrastructure as quickly as possible (external integration).
  • Communication must be possible over various channels (FTP, e-mail, OFTP, ...).
  • New techniques must be open to the company (e-business, Internet, etc).
  • Different message formats must be processed (EDIFACT, XML, various in-house formats).
  • Security of the communication must be ensured.
  • Also partners without their own IT-Infrastructure must be able to be integrated.

No company can afford these assignments on their own. It requires competent partners who know the demands of integration and who can provide the solutions.